Plastic Injection

The main field of activity is plastic injection. The molds that are injected into finished parts or subassemblies belong to clients or are made entirely in our workshop mold.

We have 5 plastic injection machines, brand ARBURG, KRAUSS MAFFEI and ENGEL. Closing forces of injection molding machines are between 35 and 150 tones and the maximum volume that can be injected is 360 cc / injection.

At the same time the hall in which the activity of plastic injection takes place is equipped with brand ABUS crane for installation of 3,2t mounting/removal safe dies, central cooling water closed circuit, circuit for compressed air dryers and fixed mobile dehumidification drying plastic granules, granules feeders, die dispensers and apparatus for thermo stating molds.

We can inject plastic parts using polymers: PA , PA + FS , PC , PC + ABS , ABS , TPU, TPE , PBT , PBT + FS , PS , PP , HDPE, LDPE, depending on the type and destination of the goods .

The complexity of the molded parts , plastic parts vary from simple or small ( studs , bushings, caps , pins ) to complex products or large ones ( magnetic suction cup with metal inserts , QUATRENE game 3D TAXI lamps etc.). Some of our products can be found in section PRODUCTS.

Design and manufacturing of molds

Ideas, own or at request or proposals coming from customers are turned into molds and then the finished product after passing through the cycle of creation and production, follow these steps: product design – prototype realization – design molds and SDV – achievement molds and SDV – achieving a finished product.

In the design and realization of plastic injection molds and dies or stamping or punching, our specialists involved have decades of experience in mould. CAD / CAM mold is done using specialized programs.

The production of plastic injection molds and dies are made ​​in our own workshop, equipped with machinery and equipment capable of producing molds up to 350kg. We have CNC machining centers and conventional machining machines (lathes, milling), EDM machines and furnaces for heat treatment.

Punching and stamping sheet

With a small section of punching and drawing board, equipped with a guillotine for cutting sheet metal up to 2mm and eccentric presses with forces between 1 and 35t, our company produces various stamped and embossed sheet pieces.

Vulcanization of rubber parts

It is the initial activity of the company, by making gaskets, seals and o-ring seals. Products can be made small or medium in size from a wide range of elastomers: butadiene rubber, natural, silicone etc., simple or metal inserts.