Short history

Company ELKA PROD COM S.R.L., Romanian privately owned company, was founded in 1991 as plastic parts manufacturer ( knobs, handles , hinges , gaskets etc.) , spare parts, vulcanized , molded , pressed for various household appliances: washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, sewing machines etc.

Since 2000, the business of the company has expanded , adding also the production of toys and games, launching on market the game of logic and perspicacity QUATRENE 3D .

Having our own design and mold manufacturing center together with our specialists we turn ideas into shapes. Thus, besides products made on customer request we currently design new benchmarks, products and assemblies, fact proved by numerous patents and industrial design registrations.

Alongside with the development of the company our products have grown in complexity. We combined technologies and created more complex products, plastic molded components, sheet metal stamping, vulcanized rubber and components electronic nature. Among our most complex concepts in recent years, more representative are TAXI brand ELKA® Lamps, FI90 magnetic suction cups, or LED modules TripLED® brand.

We are open to ideas from clients, which are met with assistance in improving and making products designed by them.